Data from Siemens S7 controller

Display or write Siemens S7 data.

Integrated interface

Directly connect your Peakboard Box to a S7 controller using the S7 protocol (RFC1006)

SPS visualization

Link and view real-time data from Siemens S7 with data from a variety of other data sources.

Fault indication

Direct information about certain events, such as faults, allows you to react immediately.

Your edge computing solution

Real-time S7 communication.

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With Peakboard Designer, the Siemens S7 controller can be connected directly so that you can further process the data.

With Peakboard you have several options for processing your machine data, for example, by using an MQTT server or a cloud-based IoT hub (e.g., from Azure or Google). You can connect your Peakboard Box directly to an S7 controller via the integrated Siemens S7 interface. Not only can you use it to communicate machine data in real time, you can also use it with other data from other Peakboard data sources, e.g., from SAP, your MES or via OPC UA. Our tutorial shows you exactly how to create a Siemens S7 PLC visualization. See our help site for additional information about Siemens S7 data connections.

Did you know?

With an S7 controller, you have to specify exactly which variable you want to access. To do this, you must define the data type, the data block and the “Byte Offset”. You can obtain this information from your controller.

Directly supplied with data

Optimum use of your S7 process data.

There are a variety of use cases for Peakboard. For example, you can count the parts produced via a connected light barrier or display error messages from your machine on a dashboard. It can function as a decentralized fault reporting system, so to speak. Our Template Portal offers free templates and examples for processing and utilizing your Siemens S7 process data.

Drag-and-drop application

Try Peakboard Designer now.

Capture, process and visualize your order data e.g. from SAP with the production data from your machine – in real time and without major programming effort.

Just download the software for free, install it on your PC and get started.

In a nutshell

Siemens S7 data in use.

The example of a shop floor board gives you a clear representation of which possible data sources are hidden behind the displayed information. Just hover over the elements to reveal the respective data sources.