Visualization of processes and datafor better Communication 4.0

Peakboard helps you easily and efficiently visualize complex data and processes in real-time. For customers and employees. As digital in-house communications, digital signage, and Andon Boards. For displays in production, logistics, administration, and Point-of-Sale.

Reach your goal in 4 steps in the shortest time! Thanks to the simple operation, you can quickly have professional digital displays.

Visualize your processes with user-friendly widgets such as charts, text, graphics, videos, and more. Use pre-configured interfaces to extract data from systems such as SAP and NAV, social media like Facebook and Instagram, or machines and sensors, and visualize it on LED or LCD displays in your company. It’s that simple with Peakboard!

Be creative in visualizing your processes on smart digital displays.
Peakboard provides you with a solution for many different applications.

For lean production, Industry 4.0, digital marketing and much more:
a highly efficient solution for a wide range of applications.

As a Production Manager, use Andon Boards to communicate important shop-floor management data. As an Event Manager, develop flexible info screens for your events and trade fairs. Create dynamic digital signage for your customers at Point-of-Sale as a Graphic Designer. Or, as a Facility Manager, establish a networked digital bulletin board for your tenants. With Peakboard, you have a universal hardware and software tool at hand that lets you visualize data driven digital displays in practically no time at all.


Why Peakboard?


For people, software, and machines

For people, software, and machines

For Production Managers, Lean Managers and Administrators:
a solution that fits everyone.

When it comes to development, we not only thought about functions and performance, but about all users who want to communicate better with digital displays: from simple to complex, from self-service enthusiasts to professional developers. Use Peakboard as an out-of-the-box solution – completely pre-configured and manageable with just a few clicks. Or work with Peakboard as a professional development environment for new visualization objects with XAML and JavaScript. Just the way you want it!

For people, software, and machines

a solution for data coming from any source.

Extract and visualize data from any source system. From ERP, CRM, or BI systems. From machines in IoT and Industry 4.0 environments. From social media and news feeds. Easy with modern, pre-configured interfaces or individually via OData, XML, and CSV feeds or web services.

For people, software, and machines

For Industry 4.0, IoT, RFID, NFC:
a solution with many different connections.

Peakboard provides you with a fully-fledged Industry 4.0 development environment for complex tasks – based on Windows IoT. Due to the open architecture, additional hardware such as RFID, IoT, and ITK can be connected flexibly to further increase the added value in lean management or digital signage. Complex processes can be easily displayed using Peakboard's intelligent objects. The development of digital displays has been considerably simplified for users so that they can concentrate on what is really important: the visualization of processes in real-time!