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Smart digitalization solution

What Peakboard can do.

With the user-friendly low-code software from Peakboard, you can create interactive industrial applications tailored to your company’s needs in no time at all.

Peakboard Box

Countless use cases

Monitor and control your machinery, create Andon Boards for more transparency or digitize and optimize your warehouse management. With Peakboard, you can design these and many other industrial solutions.

Production data acquisition

With Peakboard’s interactive applications, you capture your data from many different systems or via touchscreen/buttons directly from manual workstations.

Solutions with MES or WMS functions

With Peakboard, you can easily create complex production and logistics systems that you can then control via HMIs. Your most important data is securely stored in Peakboard Hub.

Combine data sources

Integrate data from different source systems such as sensors, machines, ERP systems or cloud sources into one application. Discover all our data interfaces.

Your new low-code platform

All the benefits at a glance.

Do you need an interactive worker assistance system, Andon Board or MES? Would you like to have a better overview of your warehouse management KPIs? This and much more is possible with Peakboard. Discover the solutions for production, logistics or HMI plant engineering.

Real-time data

Communicate processes and key figures in real time and react immediately, e.g. to machine breakdowns on your shop floor or other disruptions in your production and logistics hall.

Maximize added value

Achieve the best possible ROI! With Peakboard, you can increase productivity in your production and logistics and drive digital transformation forward cost-effectively.

Motivated employees

Peakboard keeps your employees up to date at all times. Not only do they get an overview of their individual work progress, they also have KPIs and the overall process in view at all times.

Quick integration

With our user-friendly low-code software, you can create your individual applications directly in the specialist department – without any programming knowledge or IT resources!

Achieve operational excellence

With Peakboard as a comprehensive technology platform, you ensure greater transparency at the industrial workplace through digital mapping of processes and systems. This gives you the best basis for continuously improving your processes.

IT security

Peakboard runs entirely within your network. No external connection is required and all your data remains securely within the company.

Which interfaces are you using?

Select from more than 100 data sources.

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GBA Group.


“With Peakboard, all employees get an overview at any time of where completes are missing, disruptions are occurring, maintenance or repairs are underway, or even where a new batch can be started so that downtimes can be reduced.“

Benjamin Wagner, Equipment Engineering – Lithography at Bosch

“For me, digitization also means generating real added value from existing data. And that’s exactly what we are doing with Peakboard: We provide employees with the information they really need in their daily routine – in a simple manner and exactly where they are needed, whether in the office, in the factory hall or on the forklift.”

Christian Leins, Head of Software Development at Bizerba

“Ease of implementation and use was very important to us. Peakboard met these priorities by offering many standards in the SAP environment and integrating all the data sources without any additional programming effort on our part. In addition, I noticed even before we made the decision that we could use the user interface intuitively and easily adapt it.”

Martin Lemmer, Head of IT EMEA at ZARGES

“With Peakboard, information is now quickly and transparently available right where it is needed.“

Sandra Schubert, Process Optimization at GBA Group

“With Peakboard, we have achieved efficiency through greater transparency. Employees can see at a glance right from their workplace what the current status is and can steer their work steps accordingly.”

Oliver Herz, Head of Application Development
at MUNSCH-Group

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