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Real-time data

Communicate processes and key figures in real time so that you can react immediately to disturbances, such as machine failures in your shop or other disruptions on the floor of your production and logistics facility.

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Maximize added value

Achieve the best possible return on investment! Peakboard lets you increase the productivity of your production and logistics and move digital transformation in your company forward cost-effectively.

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Motivated employees

Your employees are always up to date with Peakboard. Not only will they get an overview of the individual work progress, they also have an overview of the overall process and the relevant key figures at all times. This avoids information gaps and increases motivation.

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Quick integration

Peakboard is a low-code solution and can therefore be used directly in your department, since no extensive programming knowledge is required. In most cases, you only need one to two business days to set up your first dashboard – all without needing any support from your IT department.

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IT security

The software is updated in regular release cycles so that you are always up to date with the latest technology. For optimal data protection, all applications that you create with our software can be stored in project files on your local computer. This keeps everything safe in your company, because the hardware only caches your data.

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Achieve operational excellence

Peakboard is a scalable, ready-to-use and decentralized edge computing solution that gives you more transparency in the industrial workplace by digitally mapping your processes and systems. This gives you the best basis for continuously improving your processes and minimizing waste.

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Smart digitalization solution

What Peakboard can do.

Collect data from a wide variety of data sources, evaluate it and visualize it quickly and flexibly in real time anywhere on whatever screen is available. So you always have your most important KPIs in view.

Peakboard Designer, Peakboard Box und fertige Anwendung zu Produktionslinie
Peakboard Box

Data input and output

Peakboard not only allows you to read, combine, process, and visualize your data. You can also write it back to the source system or share it with your machines.

Touch screen

You interact with your data via touch displays using buttons or other interactive controls. This is how Peakboard can function as the HMI for even more agility and flexibility at your company.


Is your data not yet available digitally? Peakboard also lets you digitize various analog data. For example, to avoid losing your CE certification you can easily retrofit your existing machines without modifying the system control.

Peakboard Hub

With the communication and administration platform, you can easily manage your various settings, users, visualizations, downtimes, utilization and hardware updates.

Which interfaces are you using?

Select from more than 100 data sources.

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Your smart factory

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GBA Group.


“With Peakboard, all employees get an overview at any time of where completes are missing, disruptions are occurring, maintenance or repairs are underway, or even where a new batch can be started so that downtimes can be reduced.“

Benjamin Wagner, Equipment Engineering – Lithography at Bosch

“For me, digitization also means generating real added value from existing data. And that’s exactly what we are doing with Peakboard: We provide employees with the information they really need in their daily routine – in a simple manner and exactly where they are needed, whether in the office, in the factory hall or on the forklift.”

Christian Leins, Head of Software Development at Bizerba

“Ease of implementation and use was very important to us. Peakboard met these priorities by offering many standards in the SAP environment and integrating all the data sources without any additional programming effort on our part. In addition, I noticed even before we made the decision that we could use the user interface intuitively and easily adapt it.”

Martin Lemmer, Head of IT EMEA at ZARGES

“With Peakboard, information is now quickly and transparently available right where it is needed.“

Sandra Schubert, Process Optimization at GBA Group

“With Peakboard, we have achieved efficiency through greater transparency. Employees can see at a glance right from their workplace what the current status is and can steer their work steps accordingly.”

Oliver Herz, Head of Application Development
at MUNSCH-Group

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