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Optimize your processes through more transparency directly at the industrial workplace. Collect and analyze data from various data sources and visualize them in real time on a screen. Simple, decentralized and flexible.




smart visualizations for lean management and shop floor management 4.0.

luminous data in real time.
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The world of production and intralogistics is entering a new era. More and more data is being created, most of which we know very little about. We at Peakboard believe that this era requires a visualization that brings light into the darkness of this infinite flow of data. So that every employee in the company can access the information they need at any time.

easy. easier. Peakboard.

a bright and clear explanatory video.

Create the graphics in the Peakboard Designer, connect the Peakboard Box, and transfer all the data to the screen. Peakboard is so easy that everything can be explained in a short, one-minute video. It’s as simple as that.


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andon system, warehouse management or corporate board

one solution for everyone.

Peakboard is as diverse as your needs. For lean manufacturing, lean management, shop floor management, Logistics 4.0, corporate digital signage, and much more. Peakboard is an illuminating solution for all applications.

Makes it possible to visualize three production lines.
Receive a quick overview of the current status of individual orders in the goods issue zone.
Lights up all the relevant information on an individual production line.
Keep an eye on KPI's such as the delivery reliability, complaint rates, tonnage, and throughput.
Provides the option to display up to 4 objects and 3 key results for each object.
Used as an interactive board for job production or assembly.
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Indicates the status of various workstations in real time.

Peakboard changes everything

illuminating features


With Peakboard a wide variety of data can be easily connected and visualized in real time.

IT security

The Peakboard Box independently retrieves data from the network and does not have an external connection if you don’t want it to have one.


Peakboard visualizes the data independently – without the need for a central server.


High-performance hardware compressed into a compact box.

plug & play

Plug & play connection to a wide variety of source systems and databases.

diverse templates

Flexible use in a wide variety of areas.

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enlighten your data.

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