maximize productivity
at your company.

Transparent key figures and efficient processes ensure faster reaction times and better 
decision-making at your production and logistics facility.

quick. easy. user-friendly.

create your own custom dashboards.

Create your own industry application with our low-code software, Peakboard Designer, connect your Peakboard Box and display all of your most important KPIs on the screen.

Peakboard lets you digitize your factory and convert it into a smart factory in no time.
You can see how that works in the video.

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your new edge computing platform

all benefits at a glance.

real-time data

Communicate processes and key figures in real time so that you can react immediately to disturbances such as to machine failures in your shop or other disruptions on the floor of your production and logistics facility.


Peakboard can be easily adapted to your processes. You can use our software to design an industrial application exactly the way you want it, directly in your department.

over 90 data interfaces

Select the right data interfaces for your needs and connect the data with each other to easily map the desired processes in a dashboard.

achieve operational excellence

Peakboard is a scalable edge computing solution you can use to ensure more transparency and agility in the industrial workplace in order to optimize processes in your department and across the entire company.

motivated employees

Your employees can always stay up to date with Peakboard. Not only do you get a progress overview of each individual work task, you can also see an overview of the overall process at all times.

quick integration

Peakboard is a low-code solution and can therefore be deployed quickly and easily. In most cases, it only takes one to two business days to assemble your first dashboard – all without any help from the IT department.

digital transformation

With Peakboard, you can digitize your production and logistics processes quickly and cost-effectively to benefit from more flexibility, efficiency, and sustainability.

IT security

You can store all your created applications on your local computer for optimal data protection. Your data is only saved on the hardware temporarily.

maximize added value

Peakboard lets you increase the productivity of your production and logistics and therefore save time and money. We help you to achieve the best possible ROI.

smart digitalization solution

what Peakboard can do.


Is your data not yet fully digital? Peakboard also lets you digitize various analog data. This allows you, for example, to easily retrofit your existing machines without needing to directly modify the system control, which could mean the loss of your CE certification.

touch screen

You can interact with your data via touch displays, buttons, or other interactive controls. This gives you a user-friendly HMI for even more agility and flexibility at your company.

data input and output

Peakboard not only allows you to read, combine, process, and visualize your data. You can also write it back so that you can communicate with your machines.

Peakboard Hub

With the communication and administration platform, you can easily manage your various settings, users, visualizations, downtimes, utilization, machines, and hardware updates.

drag-and-drop application for production and logistics.

try out Peakboard Designer now.

With our free software, you can create a wide variety of applications in no time to display all relevant information at a glance and in real time. Simply download Peakboard Designer for free, install it on your PC, and get started.

Peakboard connects

get more out of your
SAP MQTT SQL Siemens S7 OPC UA Excel data.

Peakboard “fetches” the data directly from the source and visualizes it on the large screen. Peakboard offers all the necessary components to connect and aggregate data from various sources and visualize them in real time. The supported data formats range from JSON and XML, databases, and SAP to social media and all the way to machinery, conveyor systems, and sensor information, such as Siemens S7 and OPC UA.
Here is an overview of the data connections that are currently possible.

finally a smart factory

quickly integrable solutions for more efficiency.

Peakboard is as diverse as your needs. For example, you can digitize your lean production, lean management, shop floor management, or your logistics processes.

easy inventory management

Keep an eye on KPIs, such as delivery reliability, complaint rates, tonnage, and throughput.

lean manufacturing

Obtain all the relevant information on each individual production line.

digital shop floor management

Lightning-fast information and holistic overviews at the place of value creation.

machine system visualization

Monitor your machines in real time. With a quick glance at the dashboard, you can see information such as the quality level of the current cycle, the cycle length, or the overall equipment efficiency. 

operative logistics dashboard

Receive a quick overview of the current status of individual orders in the goods issue zone.

real-time overview of production orders

Simplify your production planning! This template lets you see the status of open customer orders in your production as a practical overview. 

oee monitoring of machine systems

The Digital Andon Board informs you of the status of your production lines, current orders by customer, and current GAE values in real time.

semi-automated production with Peakboard Edge

Display the real-time production status of your bottling lines as a target/actual comparison to always stay up to date.


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