Teamboard for an efficient shop floor management meeting.

Digitized shop floor meetings

Solution at a glance.


  • Outdated or lost information
  • Double maintenance of data


  • Digital shop floor meeting board
  • Interactive visualization


  • Receive information in real time
  • More agility and flexibility

Who does what when?

Greater added value through more productive team meetings.

Regular team meetings are the core principle of successful shop floor management, where team members can discuss the most important things in a concise format. This includes an overview of open tasks and who is responsible for them, a summary of the status of work progress, and conclusions about the further course forward. In addition, the team also checks relevant key production figures or disruptions that occur in the value-added process. The aim of a shop floor meeting is to minimize information gaps and make work processes more efficient. This also reduces the stress placed on the employees because they are not constantly “putting out fires.” Instead, you can act preventively.

More transparency in your processes

If a conventional whiteboard stands at the center of your weekly shop floor meeting, you are probably also struggling with outdated or lost information. Thanks to our low-code software, Peakboard Designer, you can set up a customized digital dashboard for your meeting in no time and keep an eye on all of your team’s tasks at all times. To get started even faster, you can use our ready-made template to create new tasks, assign them to individual employees, and change the processing status. Whether it’s a standard monitor or a touchscreen, you can interactively update your dashboard if a process changes. Best of all, the data is also written back to the pre-configured data sources, eliminating the need for duplicate maintenance. In addition, you have the option to display other dashboard views that show relevant production information, such as safety and quality indicators, downtimes, scrap rates, cycle times, or OEE values that you can discuss at your shop floor meeting.

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All the advantages:

  • Integration without the need for major IT effort and prior knowledge
  • Display of key figures, tasks, and progress in real time
  • Use Peakboard Hub as a central data source for easy administration: all changed data is written to a Peakboard Hub list, which is then read for data visualization
  • Touchscreen to switch even faster between the different views and adjust the working status in no time at all
  • User-friendly interface
  • Long-term evaluation of your production thanks to secure data storage
  • Higher employee motivation as a result of clear structures
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Discover a wide range of available dashboard templates on our Templatesite

From paper to Peakboard

Digital transformation instead of paperwork.


Peakboard is a scalable technology platform that aims to give companies more operational excellence. With the digital shop floor meeting board from Peakboard, your processes will not only be more flexible and efficient, but also more sustainable. In many companies, teams still use pen and paper to write down the information relevant for the shop floor meeting. These notes need to be adjusted and reprinted if the tasks change. In addition, knowledge and new information is in danger of getting lost because it has not been recorded. You cannot avoid this problem even by using whiteboards. With Peakboard, you can digitize your data securely and reliably, making your processes transparent and minimizing waste. This improves the quality of your production, increases productivity, and saves your resources.

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The software

Peakboard Designer.

Capture, process and visualize your order data e.g. from SAP with the production data from your machine – in real time and without major programming effort.

Just download the software for free, install it on your PC and get started.

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