enlighten your data.

Optimize your processes through more transparency directly at the industrial workplace. Collect and analyze data from various data sources and visualize them in real time on a screen. Simple, decentralized and flexible.

cost saving

$ 200,000/year

time saving

4,200 hours/year

Peakboard Payback ROI

6 days

easy. easier. Peakboard.

a bright and clear explanatory video.

Create the graphics in the Peakboard Designer, connect the Peakboard Box, and transfer all the data to the screen. Peakboard is so easy that everything can be explained in a short, one-minute video. It’s as simple as that.

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Peakboard changes everything

illuminating features.


IT security

The Peakboard Box independently retrieves data from the network and does not have an external connection if you don’t want it to have one.


With Peakboard a wide variety of data can be easily connected and visualized in real time.


Peakboard visualizes the data independently – without the need for a central server.

plug & play

Plug & play connection to a wide variety of source systems and databases.


High-performance hardware compressed into a compact box.

diverse templates

Flexible use in a wide variety of areas.

free download

download the Peakboard Designer now.

the hardware:
capture, prepare and visualize data

Peakboard Box.

A powerful hardware package in a slim aluminum case: that is the essence of the Peakboard Box. Simply connect the Peakboard Box to a screen, connect it to the local network and the Peakboard Designer, and transfer your dashboard to the screen, right where you need the information. The Peakboard Box pulls the data you have specified for visualization independently and in real time from the network.


$ 1,440


all available data sources
template library
self-service-knowledge database
access to Peakboard Hub


$ 980


limited data sources
template library
self-service-knowledge database
access to Peakboard Hub


$ 400


requires Peakboard Enterprise


by arrangement

* for a term of one year or more

let's get to know each other

free Peakboard demo.

You are still unsure how exactly to visualize process key figures with Peakboard or have questions about the technical implementation? Perhaps you already have a project in mind that you would like to discuss with one of our experts. We will be happy to help you in this meeting tailored to your individual requirements – without obligation and free of charge.

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live webinars

Peakboard Designer webinar.

Let’s get your first visualization project started!

With Peakboard, you can visualize processes, data and key figures on displays in no time. We will show you in this free webinar, how it’s done!

our success stories

BWI Group.

„From the first minute the employees loved Peakboard and the visualization.
They are much more motivated because they see the daily goals and workload.
More transparency in the whole company.“

Jordan Marlin, Manager Operational Technology, Industry 4.0 Engineering at BWI Group

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