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Peakboard optimizes your processes by intelligently visualizing and networking all your company’s relevant data. From various sources. In real time!

From training to visualization

Peakboard – no more old school.

Peakboard lets you visualize and communicate your process data on displays in real time. So each and every employee receives the exact information they need at any given moment to work more efficiently and independently, from managers in the office to workers at the individual stations in the factory. On customized dashboards, you are able to visualize and link processes and key figures, drawing data from a huge pool of sources. The advantage? With Peakboard, you don’t first have to extract, cache, clean, and transform your data over many tedious steps before transferring it onto a display. This way, you can immediately see where you are and where you should be.


Die Low-Code Software Peakboard Designer und die Hardware Peakboard Box, um individuelle Anwendungen auf den Monitor zu übertragen.

for high schoolers, trainees, and university students

You are studying or are in training and would like to try Peakboard?

No problem! First download our free software, the Peakboard Designer and consider which data from which sources you want to visualize, where and who your audience is.

Why don’t you download our software, the Peakboard Designer. On our YouTube channel you will find practical tutorials to get you started. Or you can download one of our templates for various use cases to the Peakboard Designer and customize it to fit your needs. If you have any questions about Peakboard, please contact us directly.

You can reach us at +1 (872)-249 1911 or by e-mail at info.usa@peakboard.com. We look forward to hearing from you.

Intelligent Shopfloor Management.

“As prospective experts in lean management, my students have investigated various software solutions in a semester project for implementing shopfloor management that is as faithful to the original and intentional as possible. Shopfloor boards are an essential element of continuous improvement, Hoshin Management, the Hancho concept and Servant Leadership. The students investigated the suitability of different software systems with regard to an application in the LeanFab – Lean Learning Factory – of the Competence Center at the HS Kaiserslautern (Campus Zweibrücken). We would like to thank Peakboard for the open insights and testing opportunities – Peakboard was among those products with which the requirements for a shopfloor management board in the LeanFab could best be realized.”

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian M. Thurnes

Head of the study programs “Technical Business Administration (B.Sc.)” and
“Master Industrial Engineering and Management (M.Sc.)” as well as the
Competence Center OPINNOMETH at the HS Kaiserslautern.

Real-time data visualization made easy

Aalen University.

With around 6,000 students, Aalen University is one of the larger universities of applied sciences in Baden-Württemberg. At the Industry 4.0 Center, the university operates a model factory where data is visualized in real time using Peakboard. This not only improves research and teaching, but also intensifies contact with SMEs to support them on their way to the smart factory.

“We need a use case for real-time data visualization for teaching, research and transfer. We also want to show possibilities for visualization.”

Prof. Dr. Rainer Eber
Production and Management at Aalen University:

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