Want to know the current target/actuals of order processing with zero latency or set-up an MES? With Peakboard, digitize and network your entire production process – quickly and easily.

Digital dashboards for production transparency.

Peakboard visualizes the production data your team needs, when they need it. Communicate error messages, production progress, capacity utilization and inventory management to everyone on the production floor in a clear and easy to read format with zero latency!
Andon Board stations workflow

Digital bulletin board for optimized manufacturing communication.

Improve communication and efficiency on your shop floor with the interactive digital bulletin board from Peakboard. Get a clear overview of all important production information and metrics. The intuitive interface also allows you to easily design shift schedules for your team.
Digital bulletin board

Digital shop floor management.

Peakboard is an adaptable shop floor management tool for generating user-oriented visualization solutions at the site of value creation. A large spectrum of data connections makes it possible to link, process and prepare a wide range of data in real time.

Real-time monitoring of energy efficiency with IoT.

Discover the future of energy management in production with Peakboard. With this application, you can monitor your data in real time and optimize your energy consumption.

Interactive worker assistance system.

Optimize your assembly processes with the interactive worker assistance system from Peakboard. Precise instructions and real-time information enable error-free assembly jobs, while onboarding new team members becomes more efficient and cost-saving.
Worker assistance system dashboard for assembly. Step-by-step instructions for employees.

Transparent production data in job production.

Improve your job production easily with shining Peakboard dashboards! Light up your production data on displays directly on the shop floor and organize the communication of your data even more efficiently. Connect a wide range of data sources and keep an overview of all production processes at all times.
Dashboard for production. Display the status of work steps in real time and interactively check off tasks

Lean management board for efficient value creation in production.

Digital signage for more efficient lean management processes. Thanks to the all-in-one solution Peakboard, you can support your lean management even better. For example, by optimizing your processes through more transparency. We provide you with a simple and secure tool composed of hardware and software for effective visual management.
Lean management dashboard, status of a production line

Production floor analysis
with Microsoft Power BI.

Peakboard provides real-time insight into your production process. Through integration with Microsoft Power BI, Peakboard also provides broader analysis of all processes, including historical analysis and cross-system analysis.
Shopfloor dashboard quality control of a line

Comprehensive insight into series production.

With Peakboard, you digitize and cross-link the production processes of your series production. Whether ERP systems such as SAP or machine data via OPC UA, display a wide variety of data individually and in real time. For shift schedules and production figures, machine utilization plans and downtimes as well as material availability. For more efficiency and improved quality.
Dashboard series production, status of the production lines

Teamboard for an efficient production floor team meetings.

Move from whiteboard to Teamboard in no time to ensure up to date information and efficiency in your production floor meetings.
Template for digital shop floor management meetings