Worker assistance system for optimized order picking.

Increased efficiency for your order picking processes

Solution at a glance.


  • Loss of prioritization due to arbitrary order processing
  • Incorrect order picking
  • Outdated information due to paper-based order picking


  • Worker assistance system for order picking


  • Clear order picking process
  • Secure monitoring system for packaged goods
  • Information available in real time

Digitalized warehouse logistics

From paper clutter to paper-free order processing.

Without interactive digital worker guidance, companies are faced with a number of challenges that have a negative impact on their order picking processes and ultimately on customer satisfaction. When orders are processed using paper slips, there is often a lack of clear prioritization. Employees then complete the orders in a random order. This leads to a significant loss of efficiency because important or time-critical orders may fall by the wayside.
Another serious problem with analog processes is incorrect order picking due to a lack of monitoring options during order picking. The effects of this are particularly noticeable in customers’ reactions. When they receive incomplete or incorrect orders, they are disappointed and dissatisfied. In the worst case, this can lead to a snowball effect. The motivation of the workforce decreases while frustration over their own mistakes increases. This can impact overall morale and team spirit, further reducing team productivity.
The solution is the interactive worker assistance system from Peakboard, which offers employees step-by-step instructions for the required process. You also have the opportunity to point out possible sources of error during order picking or to communicate specific customer requests to employees without having to be physically there.

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Optimize your picking with Peakboard

Precise picking, clear instructions and optimized order prioritization to maximize team performance.

Masterfully solve the shipping puzzle

Digital worker guidance for more efficient processing.

Our worker information system application provides your order pickers with all relevant information simply and intuitively so that they can perform their activities smoothly. All relevant data is provided to them from a database, e.g., Peakboard Hub lists, so that they no longer have to choose their orders themselves. They can immediately see which orders need to be processed urgently. To do this, they scan the QR code on the workstation display so that the packing list opens for order picking. In order to select the right product, they can scan another QR code directly on the product on the shelf using their tablet. They can also view the order status in another tab on their tablet at any time, regardless of location.

When the packing list has been worked through, the employees move to the scales to weigh the products for a quick check. The employee checks in again with a code and can thus compare the target weight with the actual weight. After successful order picking, the label is printed and the package is completed.

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Holistic technology platform with Peakboard

Important information in the right place at the right time.

Create a bridge between the on-site team and management by making key information digitally available to everyone in real time, so that projects run smoothly and your customers always receive the right products. Cognitive worker guidance is not limited to a specific process, such as order picking, but can be implemented across the entire logistics or production areas to also cover the areas of maintenance, assembly, quality control, and other processes. Peakboard creates a uniform information platform so that your employees don’t have to learn how to use different software for every new process. At Peakboard, “leveraging synergies” is not just a buzzword. The use cases can actually be optimally scaled.
To learn about more interesting use cases, you can browse through other Peakboard solutions.

The software

Peakboard Designer.

Capture, process and visualize your order data e.g. from SAP with the production data from your machine – in real time and without major programming effort.

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