With Peakboard, you can digitalize your logistics processes in no time at all and always have real-time information on key figures such as loading status, capacity utilization, incoming or outgoing goods and on-time delivery.

Dashboard for detailed complaint analysis.

Peakboard always lets you stay on top of on your company’s customer complaints. Get real-time information on complaint rates and reasons or the most common error types and locations in a single dashboard.
Dashboard for complaint analysis with the KPIs Complaints, Error type, error location, complaint rate and order volume.

Digital shift book for production and logistics.

Digitize your shift handover with Peakboard and create seamless communication in your company.
Digital shift book for production and logistics

Efficient fleet management.

Digitized fleet management: minimize downtime, reduce costs and achieve high performance of your fleet. Discover now how Peakboard optimizes your fleet management.
Dashboard for efficient fleet management

Real-time dashboards for an efficient warehouse management system.

Data visualization plays a central role in implementing just-in-time concepts for warehouse management, as only processes that can be mapped and measured can be developed and optimized for specific goals to run smoothly, effectively, and reliably. With Peakboard, you can visualize exactly the key figures that matter in real time on customized dashboards.
Dashboard for an efficient warehouse management system

OKR – agile management for more employee motivation.

With Peakboard it is very easy to visibly communicate OKR’s (objectives and key results) quickly and in real time to every employee. When employees know what goal they pursue with the current task and what progress is being made with the task, they can work with more focus and motivation.
OKR dashboard with KPIs for service quality, packing speed, occupational safety and sustainability

Smart parking with Bosch AI cameras.

Create a customized, cost-effective solution for your parking space management with Peakboard's low-code software and innovative AI cameras from Bosch.

Optimized warehouse management.

With Peakboard’s digital warehouse management, all your logistics employees can keep an eye on current information, KPIs, capacity utilization, and error rates so that they can respond quickly. This saves time and money, and ensures efficient logistics processes. Peakboard is your inexpensive logistics solution with maximum flexibility. It can be implemented immediately, is freely configurable, and is suitable for companies of any category and size.
Application for efficient warehouse management, with KPIs for delivery reliability, tonnage, quantity, complaint reasons, complaint rate and latest complaints

Worker assistance system for optimized order picking.

Increase your order picking efficiency. Design your individual worker assistance system with Peakboard and receive clear instructions for precise order picking. Prioritize your orders and maximize your team’s performance.
Application for worker assistance system, Packing list screen