Consummate digital process twin.

Value stream mapping with a digital process twin from ONIQ and production data from Peakboard.

Peakboard and ONIQ are joining forces to create a remarkable combination of decentralized low-code industrial applications and a digital value stream twin—delivering maximum efficiency in your production! This partnership enables you to automatically identify weaknesses in production and carry out a thorough analysis of your value streams in order to make well-founded decisions and thereby constantly optimize your processes.

Data-driven management of value streams

ONIQ for continuous improvement.

ONIQ supports lean and sustainable production with a digital value stream twin. The IQ|A software automates value stream mapping by creating a digital image of real-world production processes, without the need for manual process recording.
With automated lean manufacturing analyses, IQ|A quickly highlights improvement potential in the production processes. The algorithms based on AI and process mining even identify process weaknesses hidden deep in the data and prioritize key areas for action.
IQ|A also integrates a view of the carbon footprint into lean manufacturing. By analyzing resource consumption directly in the value stream, measures to boost efficiency and sustainability can be harmonized and holistic improvements achieved.

Efficiency boost for production

ONIQ obtains information from the central MES, BDE, or ERP systems, while Peakboard supplements this information with relevant data from MQTT databases, OPC UA servers, machines, and information from Andon processes or acquires data directly from the shop floor.

Valuable process data

Root-cause analyses with Peakboard.

The collaboration between Peakboard and ONIQ opens up a new synergy that is particularly beneficial in situations where the available operational production system data is insufficient for an in-depth root-cause analysis. ONIQ accesses data from central MES or ERP systems. However, this may not cover all necessary process steps.
This is where Peakboard comes in: Specialist departments can use the decentralized low-code software to develop custom industrial applications that provide the necessary data for a comprehensive end-to-end view. Whether this entails directly retrieving and processing PLC data from machines, connecting OPC UA servers, recording data from individual sensors, or developing proprietary solutions for manual production data collection or Andon processes, Peakboard offers flexibility and performance for your tailor-made solutions.

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