Digital bulletin board for optimized manufacturing communication.

Communication 4.0 in your production

Solution at a glance.


  • Unclear and rigid shift schedules
  • Lack of transparency on production metrics and progress
  • Manual printing and posting of important notices


  • Centralized display of relevant production information
  • Interactive digital bulletin board from Peakboard


  • Improved communication and team coordination
  • Real-time monitoring of production data
  • Time-saving and paperless preparation and management of shift schedules

Instant bottleneck detection

Real-time monitoring of production.

Efficient communication on the shop floor is crucial for a smooth production process. The interactive digital bulletin board from Peakboard provides a central platform on which all important information and events are clearly displayed. From current order details to important notes, e.g. on safety. All employees are informed about everything at the same time – and in real time!
The bulletin board enables a digitalized display of key production figures such as quantities, scrap rates and throughput times. In this way, team leaders and employees keep track of the progress of production and can react quickly to possible bottlenecks.
With the help of the digital bulletin board, key production figures can be monitored in real time. Data visualization in the form of interactive dashboards facilitates interpretation and analysis. It is possible to record and evaluate important parameters during the production process, such as machine utilization or the number of units produced per hour. This allows you to react more quickly to changes and control your production even more efficiently. If problems occur, employees can communicate directly via the bulletin board and find solutions without losing valuable time.

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Flexibility in shift schedules

Optimizing the team organization.

Creating and managing shift schedules can be a complex task that takes a lot of time and resources. With the low-code solution from Peakboard, you can easily and flexibly design shift schedules for the whole team.
The team leader can create shifts for the current and upcoming week and assign employees to the appropriate workstations and orders. In case production conditions and requirements change, this industrial application offers you a lot of flexibility because you can quickly and easily adjust shift schedules directly. The new optimized shift planning contributes to more efficient workforce utilization and makes it possible to identify and compensate for bottlenecks or overloads at an early stage. Intuitive operation via touchscreen or mouse and keyboard makes using the digital bulletin board easy and interactive.

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Discover a wide range of available dashboard templates on our Templatesite

Save time and increase efficiency

Digitalized production with Peakboard.

The implementation of Peakboard leads to significant time savings and increased efficiency on your plant floor. The centralized display of production information and metrics enables smooth communication and improved team coordination. Many low-code features make it possible to customize the application as needed directly in the business department without burdening the IT department.
Real-time monitoring of production allows bottlenecks to be identified and resolved early, resulting in optimized production flow. With Peakboard, you have a powerful tool that revolutionizes your production processes and contributes to successful production.

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The software

Peakboard Designer.

Capture, process and visualize your order data e.g. from SAP with the production data from your machine – in real time and without major programming effort.

Just download the software for free, install it on your PC and get started.

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