Set up your smart factory with edge computing

Peakboard Box.

Display your finished application on a monitor directly at the industrial workplace – using either our powerful hardware, the Peakboard Box, or your own device and Peakboard BYOD. Show your processes and data from the previously defined data sources in real time and fully automatically.


Intel 8th Gen Celeron Processor N4100


4GB LPDDR4 2400MHz


Base clock frequency: 4×1.10 GHz
Burst clock frequency: 2.40 GHz


10/100 baset ethernet


Windows 10 IoT Enterprise


10/100/1000Mbit Ethernet / WIFI 802.11 AC, 2.4G & 5G

Rated power:

45 W

Electrical connection:

15 V / 3 A


120 x 85 x 20 mm (HxWxD)

WEEE reg. no.


Processing data where it's being generated

Why the Peakboard Box?

View your dashboards from anywhere

You always need hardware to display data on a screen. This is particularly easy with the Peakboard Box. With Peakboard BYOD, you can also use alternative hardware to visualize your industrial application.

Direct communication

The communication between the Peakboard Box and source systems or machines or sensors is done completely independently and directly. No central server is required, which reduces latency enormously.

Protect your data

Each Peakboard Box can have its own security guidelines,
e.g., when it comes to a firewall or access rights.


If one Peakboard Box fails, this will not affect other Peakboard Boxes.

IT infrastructure.

Peakboard offers you all the technical and organizational options for integration into a compliant OT and IT environment. The entire Peakboard solution does not require an Internet connection if you don’t want this – it can run completely on your LAN network. Peakboard can be deployed in an existing technology environment.

With Peakboard as your secure IT-OT interface, you improve data synergy and ensure fast real-time communication between and with your machines. For example, you can increase your OEE by reducing downtime. We’d love to meet for a free personal appointment to discuss what the solution would look like at your company.

The software

Peakboard Designer.

Capture, process and visualize your order data e.g. from SAP with the production data from your machine – in real time and without major programming effort.

Just download the software for free, install it on your PC and get started.

Find the right one for you

Peakboard offers up to 111 data connections.

Peakboard Box

Frequently asked questions.

There are different product versions depending on the interface requirements. Peakboard Pro contains around 70 and Peakboard Enterprise over 100 data interfaces. We will be happy to help you select the right product version.
You can find an overview of the different Peakboard versions here.

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