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Bizerba SE & Co. KG

Metal industry and processing | IT, logistics, production


Visual monitoring of functional errors in applications or data transfers between systems, display of information from different systems for forklift drivers


Implementation of Peakboard for information visualization on Touchpads, displays in the production hall and displays in the office


  • Direct information availability on the forklift via touchpad
  • Faster response to application errors or data transfer problems
  • Sustainable optimization of IT processes through permanent process transparency

Time to value

About 8 hours to productive use of a first dashboard with Peakboard

The customer

Bizerba SE & Co KG.

Bizerba offers customers in the trade, commerce, industry and logistics sectors a globally unique solution portfolio consisting of hardware and software around the central variable “weight”. The range includes products and solutions for cutting, processing, weighing, cashing, checking, commissioning and labelling. Consulting, service, labels, consumables and leasing complete the solution spectrum. The headquarters of the group of companies, which has been family-run for five generations and has around 4,100 employees worldwide, is Balingen in Baden-Württemberg. Further production facilities are in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, China and the USA. Bizerba also maintains a worldwide network of sales and service locations in 120 countries worldwide.


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“For me, digitization also means generating real added value from existing data. And that’s exactly what we are doing with Peakboard: We provide employees with the information they really need in their daily routine – in a simple manner and exactly where they are needed, whether in the office, in the factory hall or on the forklift.”
Christian Leins, Head of Software Development at Bizerba


More clarity in logistics.

Over the years a very diversified IT system landscape has developed at Bizerba. In addition to SAP ERP, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and a self-developed solution for field service, this includes numerous special applications.

“However, we in IT did not catch on fast enough if something was not running properly somewhere – whether, for example, an application error occurred or a data transfer between the systems was interrupted. We could only become active when a user opened a ticket – and then had to chase after the issues. We wanted to change that,”

explains Christian Leins, head of software development at Bizerba. Leins was not interested in classic IT monitoring of CPU utilisation and similar performance data:

“I wanted to know what was running – and what wasn’t – based on data in various application databases. Using log file analyses, I also wanted to see directly where an application or an interface has an error. Only in this way can we not only take quick action, but also continuously optimize systems and processes.”

But Leins was not the only one who wanted more insight: The logistics department at one of the Bizerba locations had the idea of equipping forklift trucks with a touch screen, via which the forklift driver can display information from different systems – for example about orders.

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Ready to go,
in under eight hours.

Leins rejected the idea of self-development as well as the use of powerful solutions – instead he was enthusiastic about Peakboard, an all-in-one solution for simple corporate digital signage. “We knew the development qualities of the team behind Peakboard through its former holding company Theobald Software, from which we use ERPConnect,” explains Leins. “It was clear that behind Peakboard lies IT intelligence and competence. After a free trial I was really impressed by the straightforward creation of the dashboards”.

A first IT management dashboard was ready to run quickly – after only eight hours the head of software development could see how things were going at Bizerba in terms of applications and data transfers.

Leins received professional and committed help in the further development of the solution from Peakboard. According to Leins the support works perfectly:

“When I write an email, a qualified answer is usually available within half an hour.”

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Many cases, one solution.

In the meantime, three Peakboard Boxes are in use at Bizerba: The IT management dashboard runs in Lein’s office.

“I always have an eye on the running applications and interfaces. This is also very practical when talking to my employees – we can immediately discuss who must take care of which issue. We also see directly how many tickets are open, which new tickets have been added, whether they are errors or requests. It’ s all always there – in real-time. I don’t have to retrieve the information first, I receive the information on different screens at any time.”

The forklift information dashboard visualizes SAP, counter and webcam data. In defined cycles, the forklift driver is shown when he must empty containers, for example, at which point in production. The quantity of orders or which articles must be put into and removed from storage is also displayed. Via a live stream from the webcam on the delivery ramp he can see when a truck arrives and can drive to the ramp immediately. In addition, supervisors or production employees can send messages to the forklift driver. “We used Peakboard’s integrated web service for the implementation in the form of a small application,” adds Leins.

Another “case for Peakboard” resulted from a lean management initiative of a site: Peakboard displays in the production hall via a large, centrally located monitor how many minutes a production step may take before the workpiece is moved to the next workstation. The remaining time is indicated by color shading. The total output, the error rate, the weekly schedule and the daily routine are also displayed. Supervisors can control the display via centrally stored Excel files, which Peakboard accesses at intervals of a few minutes. If, for example, a machine failure occurs, the time display can be paused simply by clicking the mouse.

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Big plans for Peakboard.

Bizerba already has plans for further Peakboard scenarios. For example, a complete production line at one of the Bizerba locations from incoming goods to outgoing goods will be visualized with Peakboard. The technical support will use Peakboard for team management, data from the call centre system, CRM and the field service information system will be displayed here. Another Peakboard Box will be used for spare parts preparation. The visualization of various SAP data, such as goods issues, is also on the idea list.

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„After just a few brief discussions with Peakboard and watching a few online videos that they provided, I was able to design the interface myself without any help from the Peakboard team, down to being able to integrate our corporate identity.”

Denis Maljkovic, Head of Production and Industrialization at Aquis

Aquis Systems

Aquis Systems
“The effects have been consistently positive. The overall effectiveness of production has increased, and our planning is more accurate. Our processes have also been significantly accelerated thanks to the MES functions. Our teams are even more motivated than before, and they are really leaning into the friendly competition to achieve the goals.”

Mityo Dryankov, Director Maintenance, Innovations and Technology at Bon EOOD.


„From the first minute the employees loved Peakboard and the visualization. They are much more motivated because they see the daily goals and workload. More transparency in the whole company.“

Jordan Marlin, Manager Operational Technology, Industry 4.0 Engineering at BWI Group

BWI Group

BeijingWest Industries (BWI Group)
“We were able to set up the dashboard so that we could self-manage it: We downloaded the Peakboard Designer, chose the components to be displayed, and then configured and set up the Peakboard Box. This was a simple task due to our knowledge of automation structures. There was also a lot of learning by doing, which was fun. We were able to put the first implementations into live operation after just a week.”

Ralph Sagberger, Head of Organization & Production at Corratec


„With Peakboard, information is now quickly and transparently available right where it is needed.“

Sandra Schubert, Process Optimization at GBA Group

GBA Group

GBA Group
“Only Peakboard met our requirements for standardized interfaces to various systems, especially SAP, as well as the visualization of shop-floor data in real-time and with no programming required.”

André Fimpel, Head of Lean Management at Helmut Fischer GmbH

Helmut Fischer GmbH

Helmut Fischer GmbH
“We like the easy usability of the Peakboard Designer and that complex designs can still be created with LUA. The excellent support from Peakboard and the speed with which new functions are implemented is clearly worthy of mention.”

Marc-Philip Stüttern, Head of IT at Joh. Clouth GmbH & Co. KG

Joh. Clouth GmbH & Co KG

Joh. Clouth GmbH & Co. KG
“By using Peakboard we have become faster and more precise in our processes. The newly gained transparency also reveals further potential for process optimization, which we will gradually exploit.”

Björn Mutschler, Head of Production at Johannes Giesser Messerfabrik GmbH

Johannes Giesser Messerfabrik GmbH

Johannes Giesser Messerfabrik GmbH
“With Peakboard, we have achieved efficiency through greater transparency. Employees can see at a glance right from their workplace what the current status is and can steer their work steps accordingly.”

Oliver Herz, Head of Application Development at MUNSCH-Group

Munsch Plastic Welding Technology

Munsch Plastic Welding Technology
„We needed a centralized display of current production data on an andon-board to take the next big step toward operational excellence. Employees should be able to see the status of their plant in real time: What is running on my machine right here, right now? The solution selected also had to be able to become the standard in our group to avoid having to work with a large number of different systems.“

Mario Pichler, Head of Automation at Pankl Racing Systems Inc.

Pankl Racing System AG

Pankl Racing Systems AG

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